Why People are Supporting Alana

"It was my pleasure to endorse Alana. She was one of the first to believe in me when I paroled from prison in 2003. She mentored me and encouraged me to be a productive member of society. Alana has the heart of a leader and I know personally the sacrifices she will make to see a difference"
Phyllis Gonzalez
"Alana Mathews is the transformational leader that Sacramento needs. Not only is she an experienced prosecutor, she has the skillset and values needed to ensure that transparency and accountability come out of Sacramento County District Attorney Office. Alana's career in criminal prosecution, state politics, environmental justice, and as a law professor and community activist tell me that she has what it takes to bridge the gaps between the different communities within Sacramento County. Her cares about the community's mental health that is reflective in her plan to empower communities, advocates, and survivors. I am proud to endorse Alana Mathews for Sacramento County District Attorney."
Corrine McIntosh Sako
"Alana is the best prepared and most qualified and is uniquely poised to fully represent the interests of women and children which are too often forgotten."
Heather Fargo, Former Mayor Sacramento CA
"I endorsed Alana because she is analytical, smart, kind, and compassionate about securing equal justice for everyone. She wants the job so she can improve the justice system. Most importantly, she is not a politician."
Samuel Walton
"As both a former public official and a long-time supporter of electing women to public office, I appreciate Alana's commitment to making the DA position truly "for the people--ALL people." She is a progressive and a pragmatist who will fight for criminal justice reform that keeps us safe and builds trust and collaboration throughout the communities she serves. She is a bright light not just for criminal justice but for Sacramento County and all of its residents."
Karen Humphrey, Former Mayor of Fresno CA
"Alana is an experienced and dedicated public servant who will make Sacramento safer for ALL of our communities."
Timothy Irvine, Environmental Democrats Club President
“I am voting for Alana because I believe that she is the best candidate for our county. Alana will bring a new vision to work toward ensuring the safety of the public, and pursuing truth and justice in a fair, unbiased, and impartial way. Just what we need!”
Tamara Lacey
“I'm confident that you will be the fantastic, empathetic, brilliant, and creative DA that we need!”
Devin L. Horton, Founder & CEO Devin L. Horton-EDI Solutions, LLC Founder & CEO
“Alana will make a great DA and change the racist direction that the current DA has taken. The community will be better off with Ms. Mathews in the role!”
April Javist
“We need an advocate for the people as District Attorney. ”
Carol Rodgers
“Alana exhibits the best kind of Servant Leadership and is the DA we need.”
Doni Blumenstock
“I feel that Alana Mathews will bring a breath of fresh air into our Criminal Justice System. While our system isn't bad, that doesn't mean it couldn't use some much-needed updating and that is what Alana wants to do --- She wants to bring our Criminal Justice system to where it should be .... a system that is totally equitable for all period and that is why I'm supporting her for D.A. ”
Nancy P Fox
“I endorse Alana because she's incredibly qualified and will bring new insights, ideas, and changes to make the DA work better for ALL constituents.”
Mike Whiteside
“Alana has the education and experience needed for the position. In addition, she has a perspective that would enhance the level of trust in the justice system”
Edward Jones
“Sacramento deserves an honor approach to fairness & equitable treatment for all of its citizens.”
Robin Harrington
"Alana is a brilliant attorney with community connections and a keen understanding of how we can move into the future with hope for equal justice. The solutions are not simple, but it is high time we address the serious social and judicial issues of the day. Alana has a plan that can get us headed in the right direction, I support her bid for District Attorney whole-heartedly.”
Dawn Deason
"I support Alana Matthews because she is a bright and accomplished prosecutor who understands the root causes that lead many of our community members to the criminal Justice system. She has a demonstrated history of service to our County not just as a paid employee but as a neighbor as well. Our County is ripe with opportunity for change, and I believe that Alana will bring that change with a fierce commitment to equity and justice.”
Elizabeth Sterba
"Ms. Mathews has the experience and the vision for policies that will protect the community.”
Carmen Butler Moran
"I believe that Alana will bring about the common sense and community focused approach that we need in a D.A. Alana is known for her support for innovative programs to address the roots of crime, and for approaches that treat criminality so that the revolving door cycle is interrupted, and those in the criminal justice system can make meaningful changes in their lives.”
David Foos
"Alana Matthews is without a doubt the best person for the District Attorney position. Her background, experience and compassion for justice has positioned her to to be successful as District Attorney.”
Deborah Vaughn
"Alana is the right person at the right time to be District Attorney for Sacramento County. As the top law enforcement position for the County, her experience, compassion, and commitment to the community will be what Sacramento needs.”
Ruthe Ashley
"I believe that representation matters; voting matters and Alana is best suited to represent me as a voter.”
Norma Nelson
"Alana Mathews will bring a new energy and focus to the DA's office. Residents of Sacramento County need to trust their DA; I believe Alana will bring back this trust.”
Annette Emery
"I endorse Alana because she has a vision for the DIstrict Attorney office that is unprecedented and we need her dynamic leadership to address a multitude of issues including but not limited to …racial disparities in our criminal justice system that have been overlooked for far too long. Alana brings unique solutions to many challenging situations that I believe will truly benefit our community overall.”
Wanda Williams
"I firmly believe that Alana's vision for community safety in Sacramento is exactly what we need at this moment.”
Ken Spence
"I believe Alana will fight for and represent equitably the needs of everyone in the jurisdiction she represents.”
Bertha King
"Very capable!”
Calvin Chambers
"Alana would be a welcome change in her approach to the job compared to her predecessor.”
Philip Boerner
"Alana is qualified and hard working!.”
Monet Parham-Lee
"Alana demonstrates her understanding of systems of power that cause disparity in the legal system, and proposes culturally responsive and equity-minded solution.”
Camille Wise
"Alana is going to unite the community around justice for all and transparency in the DA's office.”
Jeffery Ogata
"Best candidate for the job!!”
Bonnie Oliver
"I’ve known Alana since I was a law student. For the last 13+ years she has proven to me that she is genuinely dedicated to serving the Sacramento community.”
Carmen-Nicole Cox
"I had the pleasure of working with Alana after Governor Brown appointed her to the Public Advisor position. Her integrity and vision were clear from the start; she built a talented staff that represented folks from many different walks of life, was responsive to all without fear or favor, and knew just how hard to push to make progress happen without backlash. She walks the walk, leads with compassion, and gets results. It was no surprise that she got reappointed and is no surprise that she's redoubling her dedication to public service by seeking this office. I'll be proud to cast my vote for Alana, with no reservations.”
Justin Regnier
"I endorse you because you are qualified and courageous and will bring the change we need to Sacramento.”
Eugene Arcurio
"Alana is a strong advocate and a needed strength.”
Jan L Owen