Several candidates announce intent to run for Sacramento County District Attorney, in what could be a historic race

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There is more than a year until the next big election, but the race for Sacramento County District Attorney is already heating up.

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SACRAMENTO COUNTY, Calif. — Nearly two weeks after current District Attorney, Anne Marie Schubert announced she is running for state attorney general, two candidates have officially announced they want to replace her.

There is more than a year until the next big election, but the race for Sacramento County District Attorney is already heating up.

Sacramento County Deputy DA, Paris Coleman announced he is running and he has already been endorsed by Schubert.

“You start with listening. You start with going to people and understanding what their concerns are. You start with law enforcement agencies,” Coleman explained.

Coleman believes he’s unique because he’s also been a criminal defense attorney in Sacramento, the city where he was born and raised.

“I consider myself, I came up with this myself, I’m kind of a unicorn,” said Coleman. “My personal experience, one being an African American prosecutor is kind of unique.”

Former Deputy DA Alana Mathews has also announced she also plans on running. 

“My experience as a Sacramento prosecutor, an advocate for change and public policy expert and most importantly a mother, I’m uniquely qualified for this position,” Matthews said.

Mathews says she is victim-focused, being that she knows what it’s like.

“I’ve been the victim of gun violence, racial violence and domestic violence,” Mathews said. “Let that empower and inform what I can do to make a change.”

If elected, both would make history as the county’s first African American District Attorney. 

ABC10 asked the prosecutors alliance about this possibility and full disclosure, Mathews currently works for the alliance. 

“Diversity is important, but they alone are not enough to suggest that an individual will carry forward an agenda that will be uplifting and embracing of the African American and Latino community,” said Cristine Soto DeBerry. 

Stevante Clark, the brother of Stephon Clark who was shot and killed by Sacramento Police in 2018, has been outspoken in regards to his distrust with current District Attorney Schubert. 

District Attorney Schubert and former Attorney General Xavier Becerra decided independently to not charge the officers involved. 

“To simply say now that I’m DA, I’m going to go back and undo what has been done, I cannot make that promise,” Coleman said. “I will not make that promise to anyone.” 

“As I move into that role I would make sure I would examine all the cases that should be reexamined,” Mathews said. 

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